The God of the Living

Today at Mass, the Gospel reading was from Luke 20. Jesus tells the Sadducees that their interpretation of scripture is wrong concerning the resurrection from the dead. He tells them that our God is a God of the living, not of the dead. He refers to Moses statement that the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac and the God of Jacob is one and the same. He is the Great I AM. All time is at His fingertips for after death to this world, there will be no need for time as we know it. God IS and that is what matters.

What is the message here for those faithbook pages we create of family members who have passed from this world? This world is NOT the end! But how we live our lives is important in how we attain the next. The Old Testament reading was from the 2nd book of Maccabees. It was the story of the mother whose seven sons were tortured for their faithfulness to God. It wasn’t really about not eating pork, but about their willingness to sacrifice when it came to being faithful to God or saving their own lives. We can learn from this story.

My Paternal Grandfather sacrificed a life he knew in Norway to come to this country. He was eleven years older than my Grandmother and I never knew him as he passed away before I was ever born. But I am certain that he believed his sacrifice was worth it. Had he not come to this country, he never would have met my Grandmother and my Dad would never have been born.

I will fill in the blank sections with reflections from this blog post. I loved the beautiful papers used for this layout. The green speaks of the life my Grandfather left in Norway and the new life he created with my Grandmother here in the US.

My Grandmother was Czech and I remember her kolaches well. She was a woman who loved to be creative and she passed that on to my Father and my Aunt. The tag with her maiden name is covered with a stamp of a beautiful flourish. It complements the stamp I used to mimic her handkerchief in the journal box. The mock kerchief was made from embossed vellum. The stamp just happened to be similar in pattern to the embroidery on her handkerchief.

My Grandfather owned a construction company. Back in those days, the sons learned from their fathers the family business. What my Dad learned from my Grandfather was priceless. Not only did he learn the art of carpentry and construction, my Dad became a man with tremendous pride in his heritage and a life ethic that moves me to this day. The old eyeglasses remind me of my own father’s eye for detail and beauty. The old timepiece reminds me that my Dad made all his daughters a Grandfather clock as a wedding gift. It wasn’t the clock that meant so much as the time and love he put into making each one.

My Dad is truly a #1 Dad. I made him this card for Father’s Day in 2009. I loved the image of the mouse in the lemonade. On the inside of the card, I told him that he taught me one of life’s greatest lessons: “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!” It has been one of his themes in his old age. Daddy suffers from advanced Parkinson’s. The disease has altered his looks on the outside, but inside he is that incredible man I know as “My Dad”.

The God of my Paternal Grandparents is the God of my Father and my God as well.  Each generation lives on in the next. I know that one day, I will be proud to meet my Grandfather who helped shape the man my dad is to me. But on that day, I will know truly my Father in Heaven Who gave both these men and my Grandmother the many gifts they have shared with the world.


About Theresa Sismilich

Beloved Daughter of the Father, Catholic writer, Artist, Poet, Advocate for Life and proud Gramma
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