A Family Christmas

Since Christmas is just around the corner, it might be nice for you to have some new ideas for your scrapbook pages. When I started scrapping, I didn’t have a style and some of my pages were pretty primitive. Over time, my scrapping has taken on a style of its own. Since I didn’t start scrapbooking until several years ago and faithbooking came after that, I started by getting most of the family Christmases done all at once.  Only my later pages have the hint of faithbooking, but you will see the progression. Although I didn’t start chronologically, I did most of the pages by decade at one time, starting with the ’80s when my boys were small.

I have to admit that as I’ve grown in the art, I learned to use LOTS of paper, but other scrappers tell me that is what they like about my style. I make the pictures POP and tell the story. Even some of my earliest attempts used layers of paper to frame a photo, but I was still learning about different uses of ink. The layout below shows how I used embossing, but little else. It is interesting that as my faith grew, so did my faithbooking. My earlier pages pretty much showed where my faith stood at the time. Although I have always gone to Church at Christmas, in these pages there is little reference to  the “Reason for the Season”. Only the tag hints with the saying, “Wise Men Still Seek Him”. I don’t think this was the first set of pages I scrapped for the ’80s.

Page 1 – Christmas 1984: the top photo was taken on Christmas Eve at the house of my in-laws.  The ones in the bottom section were Christmas morning at home of first son’s 2nd Christmas. He is in my lap in the 2nd photo and I was pregnant with Chris.

Page 2 – Christmas 1984 photos all taken on Christmas eve.

Page 3 – Christmas 1984 photos taken Christmas day in the home of a family friend. It was truly a Christmas in the woods. You can see I was working on new techniques. I found out how to make an origami Christmas tree and used square buttons for packages under the tree.

Page 4 – Christmas 1984

I evidently was only getting the photos into the book when I scrapped 1984 and 1986. I actually payed no attention to faith in those pages. I was just trying to play catch-up on all those years. After all, my boys were already grown when I started and I was way behind.

Page 1 – Christmas 1986 taken at home before going to visit family. My two sons open gifts. I am pregnant with my third child. Instead of a whole Christmas tree, I put a branch on the page with ornaments. Decorating the tree has always been a special part of the Christmas preparations for me.

Page 2 – Christmas 1986 with my family. I think the message of these pages is in my pregnancy and the overall “gift” theme of the pages. A number of friends were pregnant at the same time and lost their babies. In my ignorance, I felt so much guilt for a pregnancy I had not planned. I read something during that time that changed my life forever. A gift reflects both the giver and the person given to. My third child was my special gift from God who I would not “unwrap” for 6 more months – my 1987 “Christmas in July.”

O.K. Compare the style of those pages to the next four from 2007. There is a HUGE difference both in style and content. Although only the second set contain the faith in faithbooking, they complete the whole effect for the year of 2007. Take a peek.

Page 1 – Traditional Christmas (2007) group photo of the sisters and my niece. The circle photo is of my great-niece with her new Raggedy Ann given to her by one of my sisters.

Page 2 – Traditional Christmas (2007) group photo of the “outlaw” brothers and some of the nephews. The circle photo is my great-nephew with the Raggedy Andy he got from one of my sisters.

Page 3 – Christmas 2007 photo of my oldest son and his wife, who was 7 months pregnant with my grandson. Below is the caption, “To Love and Be Loved Is Everything”. Inside the heart-shaped wreath, it says, “Let not our hearts be busy inns that have no room for Him.”

Page 4 – Christmas 2007 photo of my second son and his wife. They got married in the summer of 2007, so this was their first Christmas as husband and wife. My son hates having his photo taken, so my niece sneaked this one while he and his wife were taking their Christmas nap. The caption for the page is the Gospel verse, Luke 2:11

“Today in the city of David a Savior has been born to you. He is Christ the Lord.”

Faithbooking, for me doesn’t get any better than including a prayer or a verse from Scripture. This layout has both. It’s one of my favorites!


About Theresa Sismilich

Beloved Daughter of the Father, Catholic writer, Artist, Poet, Advocate for Life and proud Gramma
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